Friday, November 28, 2008


The boys with Dad

The boys are doing really well with transitioning to their life in California. We have been home less than 2 weeks and it seems to be feeling more like home for them everyday. The schedule is working and they are really good sleepers. We feel like all we do is eat, change diapers, and then put them to bed.

Great Grandma with Sasha

There have been several visits from family and the boys have met their 3 great grandparents this week. Many more family have visits scheduled over the next month or so. We look forward to introducing them to everyone in time.

Looking for the Cat outside

What one does the other does. They work as a team or they work in exact opposites it depends on their moods. We see the back of their heads like this often. They are also getting used to bare heads and bare feet in the California warmth.

One of their new friends Louella at the beach park

We have made only a couple adventures out to meet people but have spent the last couple days at home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We are really excited to just have some time to get well and rested and over our colds brought from Ukraine.

The boys in their tropical beach room

The boys are sharing a room for now and they are doing well with it. They sleep next to each other and don't seem to wake each other up much. They can see each other when they do get up and we are now finding them quietly waiting for us to get them up.
We will keep you up to date and hope to see you all soon.

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